Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon State Park

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Called a mini Zion – this beautiful canyon features red rock formations, hikes, sand dunes and hidden caves. a quick trip or a an extended weekend can be spent exploring Snow Canyon State Park.

Highway Overlook

Bluff Street heads north from St. George and becomes Highway 18. Along your left hand side is this wonderful overlook into Snow Canyon.

Desert Tank

A dirt turnout above the turnoff to Snow Canyon on highway 18 is the start of the hike. Head west along an old road. When the road breaks towards the north, move west off the road. You will notice a set of white sandstone cliffs to the west. Your destination is the opening to the north of the largest of the sandstone cliffs. Look for a small saddle and at the base of the saddle, ascend the slickrock for about 100 yards and you will be at the white rock desert tank. I loved the white sand beach, we have done many family trips to this location and it is a wonderful trip to enjoy with them, just take care of this 5 Steps for Traveling Safely with a Senior if you travel with them so you can have a safer and nicer ride, also think if you are going with children to take the proper measures.

Lava Caves

The Lava Cave is a unique feature of the park. This cave is large and can be dangerous so be careful and use good judgement. The trailhead is about a mile above the rangers residence. Follow the well trodden trail over the black lava field. About 20 minutes out the trail takes you right to the opening of the cave. If you wish to exlore the cave enter from the west side. There is a narrow ledge. Keep your head low and work your way down until you come to the five foot drop off. Slide off and down into the main cave area. Careful, there are bats in the back end of the cave.

Hidden Pinion Trail

Located right across the street from the campgrounds is the Hidden Pinion Trail. It is the best trail in the park and takes you through some hidden canyons and to some fun overlooks. The hike takes about an hour and is a lot of fun.

Old Winter Quarters Trail

Two miles above Dameraon Valley and off of U-18 is a yellow cattle guard. This 5 mile round trip hike begins here and follows a jeep and horse trail. The trail winds its way up the hill and through a pinion forest. The trail climbs and goes between a saddle and then descends to a spectacular view of the West Canyon. The area was used by pioneer cattlemen for wintering stock.


Snow Canyon has a wonderful campground with full hookups on some of the sites.

Pioneer Names Trail

About an eighth of a mile below the campground pull off the road and look towards the east. Under one of the arches on the cliffs you will be able to see the pioneer names.


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