Warner Valley

Warner Valley

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although close to St. George, you feel in the middle of nowhere when you visit Warner Valley. This is a dirt road and you may be the only one in the valley so take some extra water and tell someone where you are going incase you have trouble. an easy way to get to the valley is to go through the main street in Washington to 300 East then head south and go around several hills. When the road takes a hard right look for the signs heading to the east and the valley. It will take another 20 minutes to get to the valley sites.

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Ft. Pearce

Fort Pearce is a fort that saw no action. It was constructed in 1866 to protect livestoce and to protect the springs located just below the fort. The rock walls were originally 8 feet high. There was no top on the fort and 16 port holes in the wall gave the inhabitants a good crossfire in all directions should the fort be attacked, which it never was.

Dinosaur Tracks

Two dinosaurs passed this way, one 20 feet long and weighing 8 to 10 tons while the other was probably 100 pounds and 7-10 feet tall. The tracks were discovered in January of 1982. To get to the tracks, leave Fort Pearce and get back to the graded road. Head east, when the main road takes a hard right the road to the tracks keeps going to the east.

Dominquez – Escalante Trail

Located 100 yards north-east of the dinosaur tracks is a marker for the Dominquez – Escalante Trail. Also, look straight north to the crest of the hill and you will see another marker. It is fun to climb to the top of the hill and view the valley from this spot. The best way to get to the top is to follow the sand dune to the east and then find the trail that goes from the bottom right to the top left of the hill.


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