Hurricane Valley

Hurricane Valley

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Hurricane, Laverkin and Tpquerville are the three towns that make up the last valley before you head to Zion. Just don’t pass through, take time to visit some of the fun sites in these towns.

Hurricane’s Heritage Park

This delightful park is located in the center of Hurricane. The indoor museum tells the story of the early settlers to the valley and how they built a canal to bring water to the dry bench.

Bridge over the Virgin

James Bond flew a small jet under this bridge in the movie Octopussy. It gives you a thrill to cross the bridge with the Virgin river so far below.

Laverkin Overlook Trail

This is a fun wilderness trail to hike. You access it from the top after leaving Laverkin towards Zion, you climb the hill and go around until you reach the flats. The first main dirt road headed south takes you to the top of the trailhead. The bottom of the trail ends up just south of 100 west and 300 south in Laverkin. Be careful, the trail goes by some steep cliffs, but the views of the valley are breathtaking.


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