Four Ruins Road


Four Ruins Road

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You won’t find this name anywhere else but here – because I made it up myself. It describes this stretch of road out of Blanding. There are three main ruins and one out of the way, that have been interpreted for your enjoyment.


Westwater Ruins

The ruin is a cliff dwelling consisting of dwelling rooms, 5 kivas, storage structures and open work areas. The ruin is viewed from across the canyon where the road ends. From the stoplight in the center of Blanding, go south on Hwy. 191 for 1.7 miles. There is a paved road heading west. If you get to the Blue Mountain Trading Post you have gone a few blocks too far. Two miles down the paved road is the viewpoint overlooking the ruins.You don’t even get out to leave Blanding and you can see this wonderful little ruin. Just a quick 5 minute trip down a paved road and you are there. It is the road just to the north of the old armory, right out by the old drive in theater.


Butler Wash

Take Hwy. 95 west 11.8 miles to the Butler Wash parking area. A short 15-minute hike leads to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ruins located in alcoves across the canyon within easy view.The Butler Wash demonstrates all aspects of Anasazi life. Housing, ceremonies, farming, hunting storage and tool making. The ruin contains four different Kivas – an underground ceremonial room. This is more a walk that a hike, because it only takes about ten minutes to get to the canyon overlook into the ruins. The Ruins are on the north side of the road and easy to find.


Cocks Coomb Ridge

Nothing to do but drive through on your way to the next ruin. It just happens to be a fun geologic formation that runs for tens of miles.


Mule Canyon

Mule Canyon is my favorite stop. A reconstructed Kiva, a tower and serveral dwelling structures are located right along the road at the rest stop. There is a really nice interpretive sign explaining the site. Mule Canyon is hard to miss because of the sign on the road. It is located 10.5 miles west of Butler Wash on Hwy. 95.Located right along the road this reconstructed Kiva and ruins is my favorite stop on the Four Ruins Road. In addition to some really nice ruins, there is also a very interpretive display


Cave Towers

These are unprotected ruins and are down some dirt roads. They are located down a dirt road that is not easy to get through. So why did I tell you about them, well not to visit but just to know that throughout these country, ruins like these are found all over.This ruin is located before you get to Mule Canyon, out a dirt road and then down a short hike. It is not interpreted, but is a nice ruin.



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