Edge of the Cedars



Edge of the Cedars

The beginning for your Anasazi journey.

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The Edge of the Cedars Museum is the repository for all Anasazi artifacts uncovered in Southeast Utah. It also has the finest exhibits and information about who the Anasazi were and how they lived. I consider it a field school dedicated to teaching all the ways of the Anasazi as best as modern scientists have been able to reconstruct.


Backroom of the Museum

In the newly completed section of the Museum is the repository for all artifacts that are found in the southeastern part of the state. Marshall Owens, points to some of the more interesting pots.


Ruins behind Museum

The museum sits on the site of an Anasazi ruin that was discovered by white settlers in the area in 1905. Archaeologists and students from Weber State College carefully uncovered and retrieved items from the six dwellings and ceremonial ruins from 1969 – 1972.


Perfect Kiva Ladder

This Anasazi ladder is preserved for future generations to study as part of the artifacts at the Edge of the Cedars Museum.


Kokopelli Figure

This figure of Kokopelli, as well as other figures are located at the front of the Museum grounds.



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