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Visitor Center – Fremont Indian State Park

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The Visitor Center is a great beginning. The story of the Fremont is told in artifacts and pictures and a short video.The Visitor Center is then the beginning of some wonderful hikes, starting with the paved Parade of Rock Art, then above that trail is a short hike through the Court of Ceremonies with its wonderful rock art of ceremonial type figures, and then if you wish, you can head up to the Canyon Overlook trail and its rock art panels that seem to indicate an alignment with the suns motions.Across the street from the Visitor Center is the remains of Five Finger Ridge, a steep but short hike to the top is fun. And another short hike gets you to the small cave of a hundred hands, with its gallery of hands painted on the wall.


Five Finger Ridge behind Dwelling

This dugout is located next to the parking lot of the visitor center. You can get the feel of the housing used by the Fremont. In the background is the remains of Five Finger Ridge.


Fremont Family

This painting is a part of the many displays in the visitor center that illustrate the life of the Fremont Indian.


Fremont Indian Girl

This young girl is a recreation, based on the evidence and remains found of a young girl buried in the area by the Fremont. It is interesting to see how the scientists used the many pieces of evidence to recreate this girl and her life.


Parade of Rock Art

Gordon Topham views one of the panels along the parade of rock art hike. This is a very short hike along a concrete paved walkway.


Parade of Rock Art

Another Rock Art panel along the parade of rock art hike. This perhaps illustrates a map, representing the moutains in the area and where the best hunting areas may be. (just my guess)


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