Fremont Indian East Area



Fremont Indian East Area

Rock Art and Hikes

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Head East from the Visitor Center on the Parks Main road. First stop is the Arch of Art, then Sheep Shelter, then the Blanket Panel and ending with a fun hike through Spider Woman Canyon.


Sheep Shelter

One of the oldest occupied sites in the canyon, carbon samples dating the site from 5200 B.C. to 1300 A.D. The shelter was named for the sheep like figures carved on the inside lip of rock hanging down over the opening. A mirror mounted on the inside of the site makes it easy to see the images.


Indian Blanket Pictograph

The Indian Blanket is located straight across the canyon from the sheep Shelter, about 100 feet above the canyon floor. the figure is very large, approximately 12 feet long and three feet high. The story is told of a group of Indians passing through Clear Creek Canyon on their way to their winter camping area. While they were in the canyon, the new baby of a young Indian Girl died and was buried near the site of the blanket pictograph. during the winter the young mother could not get the thought of her baby alone in the winter cold of Clear Creek out of her mind. The next spring that young mother made preparations and returned to Clear Creek Canyon to paint the blanket for her lost baby to use in the future winter to keep away the cold.


Drought Panel

Located on the left side in Spider Woman Canyon, this panel may be showing a trail up the far mountains, or could be telling of the a drought to hit the land. Some think there is a man praying, with hands in the air.


The Dancing Family

Located outside the canyon entrance, this panel, painted in red on the canyon wall, may depict a family dancing.


Columnular Basalt

An interesting geologic form, the columns were created by lava cooling and forming huge columns.



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