Lower Calf Creek Falls


Lower Calf Creek Falls

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You hear them before you see them; nevertheless, Calf Creek Falls will take you by surprise – and make you smile.


Lower Calf Creek Falls

Here is a horizontal view of the falls. The picture speaks for itself.


Aerial View of the Falls and Hwy. 12

Not an easy shot to get, but here you can see the falls and how close it is to the road, but you cannot see them from the road, you need to take the 45 minute hike to view them. Notice the Boulder Mountains in the background of the shot, you are headed right up and over the top of them and Capitol Reef National Park is on the other side.


Vertical shot of falls

Taken on the same day as the other shot, here is a vertical view of the falls.


Lower Calf Creek Falls HikeUtah is rich in great places for families to go hiking, and the very finest family hike available in the whole state has got to be the trail along Calf Creek. I just could not believe how much I liked this hike.Start at Calf Creek Campground, between the towns of Boulder and Escalante on Hwy. 12. An interpretive brochure is available at the trailhead and lists 24 different stops, each with a different story.Most of the hike follows the clear waters of Calf Creek, which runs all year long. You’ll pass beaver dams that create crystal clear pools reflecting the blue Utah sky, an excellent rock art panel and marshes – all before encountering the falls.

The beaver dams and marshy areas are called riparian areas. They are rich in both plant and animal life.

You will hear the falls calling for a while before they come into view. The sight is well worth the wait: Water cascades 126 feet over red rock and green moss, forming a large pool with sandy shores.

The hike is five and a half miles round- trip with little change in elevation, making it perfect for the whole family. It takes most people about 45 minutes to get to the falls, but once there, you’ll want to stay and enjoy them for a while. Plan three to four hours to make the trip and really enjoy the falls.


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