Kodachrome Basin State Park

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Just ten minutes off of Highway 12, Kodachrome showcases unique land formations. They say they are petrified geysers. Back thousands of years they think this area was like Yellowstone is now. The geysers filled with rock harder than the surrounding soft sandstone. Over time soft surrounding sandstone eroded and all that remains is the rock filled tubes.


The Ballerina

The Ballerina is one of the beautiful spires at Kodachrome Basin State Park.


The Patriarch

This spire is rounded on top and larger than most of the other spires. This spire is located at the entrance to the park.


The Market in Kodachrome Basin.

MiraLoy in front of her store in Kodachrome Basin.


Kodachrome Basin State Park“This park is unique because of the sandpipes” claims Kaymar Willis – Park Ranger. “They are the white spires that come out of the red rock. The geologists believe they were ancient underground springs that solidified. This used to be once like Yellowstone Park is today. The minerals hardened, and they were harder than the surrounding material. The ground eroded, leaving the sandpipes standing where the springs were. There are some 150 spires in the park. “MiraLoy and Bob Ott run the Trailhead station, a store located in the park. MiraLoy took me to the front steps of the store and began to describe the formations in the valley: “The very first one in the parade is the Grand Marshall with his hat on. His cloak is falling down. He is an Arabian Prince leading the parade across the basin. He is riding on a horse.””Right behind the Grand Marshall is the lead float. There is a rabbit off to the right side with an Easter basket. Next comes the float with the Queen on top waving at us. The Queen is wearing a long gown. The big geyser is called the Patriarch. The Patriarch follows the Queen in the parade.”

“Towards the end is a long necked, beedy-eyed Dinosaur. She is looking the wrong way because she has a lost kid up Palace Canyon.” No, MiraLoy is not on drugs. She just enjoys the valley and has fun making it interesting to the visitors.

There a number of nice trails that take you up close to the formations. Plus the park has a nice campground.


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