Escalante Outfitters


Escalante Outfitters – Escalante, Utah

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This little store is a mandatory stop along Highway 12. Barry, the owner, and his wife have all the gear and all the answers to questions about the area. They keep a book of photos showing the sites around Escalante. They’re also nice folks.

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The Store

This little store is packed with everything you need. Not filled with junk, but with hand selected items perfect for the activities of the area. Also, check out their map collection and their photo book that shows pictures of all of the areas sites.



Need an affordable and fun place to stay. Check out the cabins at Escalante Outfitters. These log structures are new additions to the business and are doing really well.


Inside the Cabins

Clean and comfortable, the cabins are designed to provide shelter and a good nights stay, plus they are fun. sleeping in a room surrounded with natural wood decor.



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