Max Bertola – Southern Utah’s Premier Travel WriterWelcome to southern Utah. Through my photography and writings, I hope to lead you on a journey that covers not only all of the major attractions, but also all of the neat spots that make a southern Utah vacation great.

The Ultimate Southern Utah Tour

Every major site in southern Utah, before your eyes and ready for you to enjoy. Join me as I share my personal opinion of where to spend your valuable time and money while visiting southern Utah.

Feature Stories about southern Utah

Some stories just do not fit a specific area but rather they talk about life, people, history and culture – things that apply wherever you are in southern Utah. So enjoy the stories of cowboys, rockart and a lot more.

Max’s southern Utah One Man Photo Show

I had an exhibit at the Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding, Utah of some of my images of southern Utah. I thought it would be fun to recreate the show on the internet. I hope you enjoy it.

Trip Planning – Let me help you make your vacation perfect.

The internet makes it possible for me to individually help you plan your trip to southern Utah. I’d love to give you my personal opinion, based on you and your situation, about what you should be sure to see and do.

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