Thunderbird Resort

Thunderbird Resort – Mt. Carmel Jct., Utah

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Jack and Fern Morrison homesteaded the rough land that was located along a gravel road in 1931. Jack died in 1961 and Fern began to build. The beautiful resort you see today at Mt. Carmel Jct. is a monument to her hard work and perserverance. 

Fern Morrison

Fern and her family have made the Thunderbird Resort what it is today. She still runs the place and many of her kids and grandkids help.

Thunderbird Motel

The Motel is new and clean, with large rooms and spectacular views.

Motel Rooms

Clean, large rooms have kept visitors to the resort coming back, year after year.


Made from scratch meals including home baked bread and pies make the restaurant a popular spot at the resort.

Convenience Store

The food mart has snacks, drinks and gas for your car. Everything you need to start your day and make your activities enjoyable.


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