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  • Welcome to the West’s finest historical movie set still standing. (Enought qualifiers and anything can be made to be unique.) Today we still shoot films and commercials and the bad guys! The set is open to the public year round for quided tours that highlight the movies and stars that roamed and still roam the set. Do not miss the most majestic slots valley of the god game from the part that Johnson entered the local casino.


 Overview of the Movie Set
The set as seen from the west looking to the northeast. Jackie Rife, still enjoying horses, spent alot of time on this set as she acted in many of the movies filmed here.
Max Bertola and his family purchased the set in 1994. It had been closed to the public for 18 years. The Bertola’s plan on restoring the set as a working movie set and a place where visitors can tour the historical site.
 The Dance Hall
Built for the movie Westward the Women, this set still is the centerpiece at Johnson Canyon. The set was also used in Pony Express where Charlton Heston kissed Rhonda Flemming while standing on these steps.
 The Barn
No western set is complete without a barn, and we have the best. Including the blacksmith area and a loft from which to shoot the bad guys.
 Miss Kitty’s Longbranch Saloon
Gunsmoke usually revolved around the Longbranch Saloon. Although the place has seen better days, we look forward to its restoration.
 Doc’s Office
Doc’s Office, from Gunsmoke, was originally a saloon in the show Westward the Women.
 Dalton Home
This homestead was built for the Dalton Girls. It was used in many other films as a home in the wilderness.
 Original Pioneer Homestead
This pioneer home was original to the property. It was built in 1865 and used as a home until 1930.
 The Gunfight Team
Jack and Cherokee are not ghosts. They help manage the place and do reenactments of the west’s finest gunfights.
 Kanab’s Rich Movie History
The Johnson Canyon Movie Set is the center of movie activity in the Kanab area. With over 200 films made in the area, this town has a real claim to fame. Get all of the details in this feature article on the “Town that learned to Act.”


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