Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Mountain and Cedar Breaks

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This is a fun loop on your way from Zion or Kanab to Bryce Canyon. Check out the map and you will see you take the road to Navajo Lake and then up to Cedar Breaks and then down past Panquitch Lake and into Panquitch. You have traveled three scenic byways and some great mountain country.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

In the tops of the mountain, this colorful gorge reminds you of Bryce, but it faces the other way, and you can’t hike into it because of the steep cliffs into the gorges below. I enjoy Cedar Breaks but I only spend a few minutes and then I am off to other places.

Cedar Breaks Reflections

My favorite shot of Cedar Breaks is of the cliffs at sunset, it seems like there is a reflection in the rock.

Bristle Cone detail

Bristle Cone pines live forever, or at least it seems, the oldest at Cedar Breaks being 1650 years old. The Roman Empire existed when it was born and it was 1100 years old when Christopher Columbus arrived in America. The pines live on the edge of the cliffs and their needles look like a bottle brush.

Aspen in fall colors

This stand of Aspen is on the top of Cedar Mountain. The colors for these trees seem to be the same, because the trees roots grow out and start new trees and so they are actually the same plant.

Panquitch Lake Fish Story

The rewards of a successful day fishing at Panquitch Lake with a trout spinning rod. We took these trout and headed for the lodge where the chef prepared the fish with all the trimmings.

Ben on Panquitch Lake

There is something about dangling a line, breathing clear mountain air and enjoying a sky so blue you can’t believe it is real.

Catching a trout

Kevin and Oliver, his boy, use the best spinning rod for trout to land a nice big trout. Perhaps the fun of trout fishing is not what you catch but who you catch it with..