Dead Horse Point – Canyonlands island in the sky


Dead Horse Point – Canyonlands, Island in the Sky

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The finest views in all of southern Utah, here you will find a birds eye view of the powerful forces of the Colorado and Green Rivers at work.


Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point has a wonderful view. I don’t like heights but I love this place. Be sure to click this image and see the enlarged image of the overlook.


Dead Horse Point seen from below

From the valley floor over by the Green river, I took this image looking back at Dead Horse Point. The whole area is like an island out in the middle of a nonexistent lake.


Green River Overlook

The river you see in the back is the Green River. The two rivers join together and combined have created all of the canyons and wonderful formations in the area.


Grandview Overlook

Located at the farthest point south of the Island, this view shows it all off. spectacular canyons lie far below as you have a crows view of the landscape.


Confluence of Colorado and Green rivers

Shot from the air, this image shows the coming together of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Notice the color of the rivers as they join and stay seperate for a distance and then combine. This image was shot from a flight I took with Bonnie of Red Tail Aviation.


The Colorado River winding

From an airplane I shot this image of the Colorado River as it winds through Canyonlands.


Desert Big Horn Sheep

This Big Horn Sheep was located along the drive in Canyonlands. I have seen a large number of these mountain goats just north of Moab on the main road. So keep your eyes out, you never know where they will be next.


Dead Horse Point and Canyonlands – Islands in the SkyEight miles north of Moab on Hwy. 191 is the turnoff to the Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands National Park and to Dead Horse Point State Park. Both are on a high plateau overlooking the landscape carved by the mighty Colorado and Green rivers, and you might think I am exaggerating but these are the most breathtaking panoramas this world has to offer.It will take a half hour to get to Dead Horse Point, our first stop. Legend has it that a group of wild mustangs was herded to the narrow point. After the best were taken the culls were left behind to find their own way out. For some reason the mustangs remained on the point and died of thirst within sight of the Colorado River.When I first took my children to the overlook I made them wait in the car, then I held their hands, one at a time, and led them to the overlook. It was scary for me to stand at the edge and look off the cliff to the Colorado River some 2,000 feet below.Green River OverlookIf you like Dead Horse Point you will love the rest of the day as you explore the Canyonlands, Island in the Sky district.

My favorite stops are the Green River Overlook and the Grand View Point Overlook. All are views from the edge of dangerous cliffs. Watch your children closely and be careful. Proceed at your own risk.


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