Zion – Kolob Canyons

Kolob Canyons – Zion National Park

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It’s right off the freeway between St. George and Cedar City and a short ten minute takes you the heart of the beauty of Zion. Most people are too busy to take the ride but its well worth it.


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The Scenic Overlook

From the top of the scenic drive, you can sit and enjoy the view. Hard to believe that such a short distance from the freeway is such an incredible view.

Visitor Center

A small visitor center is located right off the freeway and at the beginning of the scenic drive. The visitor center has a fun gift shop.

Taylor Creek Hike – Double Arch Alcove

There is a fun hike up Taylor Creek that takes you right up the bottom of the canyon. It has old cabins and a stream and a wonderful alcove at the end. It will take a couple of hours to hike to the Alcove. Be sure to pick up a trail guide at the visitor center.


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