Sand Island Rock Art Site


Sand Island Rock Art Site

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The Sand Island Rock Art Site is known for its Kokopelli images – five in all. This site is nearly 50 yards long and includes some wonderful images. It is located right along the San Juan River and perhaps was a main communications point for the Anasazi.. The site is located just a few miles out of Bluff, on the south side of the road. You take the road to the Sand Island boat launch area and then at the bottom of the hill turn west or right and follow the ledges until you reach the site. It is just a few hundred yards, making this one of the easiest rock art sites to reach.


The Main Gallery

This is the center of the Sand Island Gallery. Enjoy the overview. You will find here the five Kokopelli figures plus what some consider to be full head scalps. We will explore a number of closeups of this area.


Kokopelli figures

This area is my favorite of the panels, it shows the five Kokopelli figures plus what some consider the full head scalps. I also find the depth of the images interesting. It seems there is a layering of images from different periods. Also the images of the people differs along the panel. Check out what appears to be a couple, small figures in the top right hand corner.


The Spears

I don’t know what the long spear like figures are, but they are huge and very high on the rock and must have been difficult to create. There is also an interesting bird like character playing a flute in the top center of the pane. Then there is a ceremonial dressed image.


The Herd Migration

This area of the panel is located just to the right of the Kokopelli figures and mask area. It looks like a description of a herd migration. Notice the animal tracks along the bottom of the panel. Also, notice the different way figures are drawn in this area. And what is the long four legged creature in the bottom left center. It looks like a large duck or bird type of creature. And then does to appear to you as if two of the animals in the bottom migration group are fighting?


Right Gallery Area

50 feet to the right of the main Kokopelli gallery is this interesting area of rock art. Take a look at the overview and then the following two images are closeups of this area.


The Spider Man

What is the meaning of this figure. Is it a man or a map? I often wonder if many of the images on this panel are not meant to be directions for those traveling the river. This part of the panel also has some interesting hand images.


Horse and Rider

The Horse and rider are images that have been added to this panel. They are created over some really intersting older rock art.


Ceremonial People

These two people images appear to be dressed in ceremonial wear. What could be their purpose and who in the ancient society do they represent.


Large Deer

A closeup of an area of the panel showing a large deer.


Another Special Person

Another Closeup of a special human figure. What is the meaning of the special headdress that the figure is wearing? There area a number of these headdresses along the wall, does it have something to do with a ceremony or a position in the group?


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