Power Drive


The Power Drive

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The Power Drive is my name for this combination activity. You head out of Bluff towards Mexican Hat. Just before you get to Mexican Hat is the turnoff to the Goosenecks. Take this turnoff and head up to the Moki Dugway, and Muley Point, then retrace your steps (you’ll like it better on the way down) and visit the Goosenecks. A perfect route!mappwdrv


The Moki Dugway

My favorite thrill in southern Utah is this spectacular road with its views all the way to Monument Valley.It’s the roller coaster ride of Southern Utah. This dirt road, well graded but still dirt, drops over a thousand feet in 2 miles. they say tour buses have been down the dugway, and I have seen 32-foot motor homes come down it, but the mad driving had white knuckles and was glad he was finished. I prefer to come from the bottom up, turn around and go back down it. It is spectacular, dirt and a little bumpy.


Muley Point

Just Before you descend the Moki Dugway is a dirt road off to the west. This trail takes you about five miles to the overlook, be careful, it is not paved and the only indication the cliff is coming is the sign that says “Road Ends”.A thousand feet higher than the overlook at the goosenecks, Muley Point is a remote overlook of the entire southeast corner, including a great view in the distance of Monument Valley.


Goosenecks of the San Juan

A great quick stop to see a deep gorge filled with the San Juan River – way down there in the bottom.Welcome to the deepest entrenched river meanders in North America, quite a claim, but when you get there you will appreciate its meaning.


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