Newspaper Rock


Newspaper Rock State Park

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Just 12 minutes off the main road between Moab and Monticello is Newspaper Rock. Filled with images, this panel is a fun side trip. I usually stop at the site and then return to the main road.


The Shaman section

My favorite section of the panel is the area that I call the Shaman area. Here I find some interesting figures of men with lines surrounding them. Perhaps these represent the powers of the Shaman.


Main Panel Overview

The site consists of this main panel and a second set of panels just to the right of this main section.


Main Panel – left top

The migration section of the panel looks like an entire herd of animals heading somewhere. I also find some of the images resemble tanned hides.


Main Panel – Left bottom

Take a look at the long tailed figure on the left side of this panel. Plus what looks like a lot of doodling.


Main Panel – top right

This is my favorite area of the panel. The Shaman man, the hunter shooting at his prey and the antennae man.


Main Panel – bottom right

This is the layered area of the panels. You can see rock art covered over by newer rock art. I also like the little bird man on the right of the panel.


Right Panel – Overview

This panel is a part of the main panel but located on the far right side. I like the crack that goes right up the middle of the rock art in this area.


Right Panel – Top right area

I like the deer herd and especially the images of the hoof marks. There is also a fancy man figure and the outline of something that resembles the shape of a turtle.


Right Panel – Top left area

The top of this area has a figure that looks like it is illustrating a path or trail, then there is also the circle design with a filled in pattern. And notice how large the deer or elk is with its huge rack of antlers. It resembles the modern day deer heads located on the walls of hunters homes.


Right Panel – Bottom area

Feet and hoofs climbing up the side of the walls. Why did the ancients take so much time in creating these images. What did the tracks represent?


This panel represents work from hundreds of years. The ancients would pass through this area and leave their markings on this perfect slate. What it says is a mystery but the animals and symbols must have been something they wished others to know about.I usually visit the panel, which is located about 12 miles off the main road between Moab and Monticello.


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