Four Corners


Four Corners Monument

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Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico – They all come together in this little spot in the middle of nowhere. Well it is actually part of the Navajo Reservation and the Navajo have created a great site out of it. It is a must see for both the monument and to witness all of the Native American Craftspeople at work.


Sand Painting Demonstration

Mrs. Elwood can be found at the monument almost every day of the year, creating her sand paintings. She gathers her own sand colors and creates traditional designs. Sand Paintings are used in many of the Navajo ceremonies.


Four Corners Monument is one of the treasures of southern Utah. A combination of both the monument and the Native American Craft shops makes it fun.The Monument marks the only point in the United States where four states come together. My kids love to stretch out their arms and legs and do push ups with their body covering four seperate states.Then the craft shops are the typical Navajo Mall. The shops are made of wood, thrown together to provide some shade. But, on the wooden planks used for a table, you will find some of the most beautiful pottery, jewelry and crafts.


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