Bicentennial Scenic Byway


Bicentennial Scenic Byway

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By far the best way to reach eastern Utah. The scenic byway cuts through red rock canyons and stretches over bridges spanning parts of Lake Powell. Its a way to explore the wilderness from the comfort of your air conditioned vehicle.


Lake Powell’s Hite Overlook

The Hite Overlook gives a great view of Lake Powell, far below. The Overlook is also a great place for a quick picknick. The overlook is located just as you head down the steep descent to the lake itself.


Road Cut at Hite Bridge Overlook

The road cuts through this slickrock as you descend towards the lake. Notice the bridge in the distance. It’s hard to believe a road could be so pretty. The image at the top of the page was taken from that bridge looking back this way.


Bicentennial Scenic BywayTwo hours and you are connected to the world of the Anasazi.The Bicentennial Byway leaves Hanksville and appears to travel into the barren desert. Surprisingly the terrain changes and soon you are travelling through more Southern Utah slickrock country.As you pass the Hog Springs rest stop, look for rock art in the large alcove just to the east of the rest stop.

The Hite overlook is a great place for a food break. It sits high above Lake Powell and gives a great view of the lake.

It doesn’t take long and you will arrive at Natural Bridges National Monument.


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