South Eastern Utah including Monument Valley

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Don’t miss southeast Utah. This is a fascinating land with its Navajo Indian Nation, Monument Valley and the most complete Anasazi ruins and rock art. When I want to get away, I head to southeastern Utah.
Entering Southeast Utah from Capitol Reef

Bicentennial Scenic Byway

The Bicentennial Scenic Byway leads from Hanksville to Blanding. Red rock Canyons and Slick rock make this trip more like a backpack into the wilderness than a road.


Natural Bridges National Monument

Take this hour excursion to the largest natural bridges in the world. The park is located right next to the main road.
The Blanding excursions

Edge of the Cedars Museum

Base your Anasazi exploration around this excellent Museum in Blanding.


Cedar Mesa Pottery

A Pottery factory opens its doors for visitors.


Four Ruins Road

These four interpreted ruins are a short drive out of Blanding.
The Hovenweep – Four Corners Area


Hovenweep – Quiet, lonely and almost sacred in its spirit.


Adakai Pottery

A Navajo Family pottery shop on the Reservation


Four Corners Monument

Its not just the four states coming together, its a place to meet the Navajo on their own ground.
Monument Valley and Area

Sand Island Rock Art Site

Nearly 100 yards of rock art, including 5 Kokopelli figures.


The Power Drive

Just before Mexican Hat go up and down the Moki Dugway, visit Muley Point and then stop at the rim of the Goosenecks of the San Juan. I call it the Powerdrive.


Monument Valley

Welcome to the home of the Navajo, nowhere in southern Utah will you get a better chance to meet this funloving people.
From Blanding to Moab

Newspaper Rock State Park

A few miles off the main road, this panel represents over a thousand years of people travelling through the area.


The Needles Overlook

Up the road and out to the canyons edge. Witness the work of the Colorado and Green Rivers.


Needles Section of Canyonlands

A great place to camp and hike, it takes a while to get to, but if you have the time you will enjoy the quiet.
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