Nine Mile Canyon


Nine Mile Canyon – Home of the Fremont

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This is not a casual side trip, the canyon is 40 miles long, not nine. The roads are well graded but dirt and it will take you at least a half day just to drive to the end and back, then add some time on to view the rock art. Is it worth it? Absolutely, but be prepared to take the time or don’t start. You will also need a guide book or a guide or you will miss most of the fun.The images on this page are very detailed, please take the time to enlarge them and view them. Take a little time and inspect all areas of the work.


The Hunter Panel

The Hunter Panel is perhaps the most famous panel in the canyon. Many think that it represents a Shaman (Medicine Man) whose spiritual powers connect to the animals in hunt.


The Community

Hard to decide what this one is about, there are people, headdresses, turkeys and all sorts of other interesting objects.


The Juggler and friends

This is a most amusing panel. Check out the little duck like creature that is to the right of the center of the panel. Now don’t tell me there wasn’t cartoons in rock art land.


The Owl Panel

I have never seen an Owl in a panel before seeing this panel. It is beautiful, and most interesting with all of the images that surely have something to do with human sexuality.


The Spaceman

Your guess will be better than mine. Notice how the pecking images are to the left and seem to tie somehow into the spaceman figure.


Cowboys and Indians

This must represent a work of more modern times. There are images of horses and headdresses and cowboys.



This is very typical of many of the sites in the canyon. It seems that pecking small dots has some significance to the Fremont. Some think that it might be a calendar or numbering system.



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