Buckhorn Draw Rock Art


Buckhorn Draw Rock Art

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Not only do you get to experience a drive that cuts to the heart of Utah’s wilderness, but there is a wonderful rock art panel, right by the side of the road.


Angels Wings or Just Arms

Hard to tell, at first it looks like wings, but then it just might be a different way of drawing arms. Check out the various other images and see how many types of arms you can see.


The Serpent

One of my favorite panels in southern Utah is this image of a snake and the man. Is it a snake or just another hand? I don’t know but whatever it is, it looks really neat.


The Rake Man

Who are these guys? It feels like the powers of the ancient universe are gathered in this little spot. And somehow the arms of these different figures must connect somehow to the worlds of the people who lived here.


The Rake and Spirit Friends

If one was’t enough, now we have a whole gathering of these interesting fellows. Many object to all of the graffitti on the topo of the images, but I just look past it and enjoy the art, rather than let the vandals ruin my experience.


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