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Dinosaur Museums, Rock Art and Utah’s Little Grand Canyon – all are part of the Price Area Adventures.There are a number of ways to visit the area, just passing through, a mini vacation to the area or a loop trip – whatever your choice there is lots to see and do.


College of Eastern Utah – Dinosaur Museum

By far the highlight of the Area, this museum houses dinosaurs to thrill the kids and exhibits to intrigue the adults. It is located right in the center of Price and is right on the way, no matter where you are headed.



Nine Mile Canyon

This is a world class rock art area. It takes a half day to a full day to get in and out, plus it takes a guide or guidebook in order to find all the famous panels – but it is fun.


Schofield Mine Disaster Cemetery

This site is out of the way by about a half hour, but from Provo going to Price, you can take the Schofield turnoff and enjoy some tranquility in this moutain top town. Also, you can catch it as part of the Huntington Canyon Scenic Byway on your way from south of Price by looping out of Huntington.


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 South of Price

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It’s a little out of the way, and a few dirt roads to explore, but the area south of Price includes some really interesting sites that with a little imagination, could be considered on the way to somewhere.


Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

It takes a little work and a dirt road to get there, but the quarry is interesting for those who like this kind of stuffThis is an optional side trip and will take a good half hour to reach along well graded dirt roads, but for the lover of Dinosaur Bones, this is a fun place to visit. Here is where the excavation of all of Carbon County’s famous dinosaur bones have come from . The site consists of a small visitor center and then these huts that cover the current dig..


Museum of the San Rafael

A great museum that serves as a base to go either toward the Wedge and Buckhorn Draw or a loop up Huntington Canyon and over through Schofield.This new museum hosts some wonderful Dinosaur bones and some great taxidermy work. It is located right in the center of Castle Dale and is a great beginning for a trip out to the Wedge Overlook and a drive through Buckhorn Draw.


Huntington Canyon Scenic Byway

This wonderful byway treats to the beauty of the tops of the mountains.


The Wedge Overlook

The trip to the Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Draw are my favorite activities in the Price Area. On my way from Salt Lake or Provo through to Moab, I always try to take this short but fun detour. It gets me to the same place, it just takes an hour or so longer.Welcome to Utah’s Little Grand Canyon. This overlook is wonderful and easy to get to if you know where you are going. To get to the overlook you drive out a dirt road, well graded, for about twenty minutes and then you are there.

Buckhorn Draw and Rock Art Site

Check this out, you get to drive through an area that is like being a two day backpack into the wilderness, plus a neat rock art site and you can see them both from the comfort of your air conditioned car – courtesy of well maintained graded dirt road.


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