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Paiute ATV Trail

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The Paiute ATV Trail is a never- ending loop traversing more than 200 miles of beautiful scenery with all the bumps and jolts that off- road enthusiasts love so well.


Along the Trail

Within minutes of the main roads, you can be off by yourself enjoying the ATV trail.


Building a trail

Lots of volunteers worked to make the ATV trail a reality. Who could have ever thought that Richfield Utah and its surrounding areas and towns would become a vacation destination. But it happened and thousands come each year to travel the ATV trails. They may have trouble feeling welcome in other areas of the country, but the welcome mat is out along the ATV Trail.


Kerry Sorenson – Paiute Trail OHV service

Aurora is home for a business built to help service the needs of the trail rider.


Wild Sam

Wild Sam enjoys the trails above Marysvale. It only takes a few minutes and you are enjoying the most wonderful country.
The Paiute ATV TrailThe Paiute ATV Trail is a marvelous place to get some off- road experience and really see the surrounding country. Bring your own, rent one, or take an organized tour.But not if you plan to race.We cater to family use, not to racing, explains Max Reid, recreation staff officer for Fishlake National Forest, which manages the Paiute ATV Trail. We tell riders to stay with the trails, follow the markers and keep their speed down. We provide leisure rides to help people enjoy the scenery. If riders are looking for motocross or racing, this isn’t the place.The 200- mile loop travels over three mountain ranges and through rugged canyons and deserts. One of the special lures of the trail is that towns surrounding the trail allow riders to use paved roads to come into town for gas, supplies, and lodging. Towns participating include Annabella, Aurora, Circleville, Elsinore, Fillmore, Glenwood, Joseph, Junction, Koosharem, Marysvale, Richfield and Salina.Other trails allow riders to enjoy various side trips through quaking aspen, meadows full of wild flowers, tiny trout- filled reservoirs, and pine trees. Riders often use deer hunting trail cameras to spot grouse, hawks, and sandpipers – even deer and elk. In all, a person could travel more than 2,000 total miles of open roads and trails.

It takes most people three days to do a thorough job of exploring the trails, and most find that one visit to the area simply isn’t enough. It gets prettier every time you come, says Gordon Kiesel of Salina. For a detailed map of the trails or more information about the Paiute ATV Trail, call 1- 800- 662- 8898.

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