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Ideal Dairy – Richfield, Utah

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Richfield has a hidden treasure, this small dairy that has serves their products over the counter and still has their milkmen that deliver to the doors of the locals. Take a look and treat yourself when you are in the area.


Friendly Help

These young ladies enjoy serving up the delicious items made at Ideal Dairy, including large ice cream cones.


In Cows We Trust

Some of the prize winning cows that are part of the Ideal Dairy Herd.


Ideal Dairy’s old fashioned counter

They still treat you with that old fashioned attitude of being helpful at Ideal Dairy.


Ideal DairyIdeal Dairy was started in 1926 by Charles Ogden, Tooter Ogden’s grandfather. Tooter explained that the business started out on his father’s back porch; that is where they bottled the milk originally. When they began bottling out at the farm, they only did a few gallons at a time. It was all done by hand, bottling and then capping it. Today the cows are milked in a modern barn- quite different in technology from when the dairy first began.The herd consists of some prize-winning cows. Tooter explains that they have been recognized as one of the top producers in the state of Utah as far as pounds-per-year of milk. Credit for that is something Tooter says should be given to Jeff and the others who work with the feed program.Seventy-five percent of Ideal Dairy’s sales are accomplished through their route delivery. If anyone thinks that milkmen are a thing of the past, they need to take a look at this Richfield dairy. Ideal Dairy delivers. Tooter says they deliver bread, eggs, milk, cottage cheese, butter, apple juice, orange juice, even punch bags and ground beef. They are, in effect, a kind of mobile grocery store.Home delivery is made twice a week to each house. Four drivers and four trucks make the deliveries. In addition, wholesale routes are delivered three time a week. Cafes and restaurants are big supporters of the delivery program.Ideal Dairy’s retail outlet offers a drive-through window for those in a hurry, and a sit-down counter for those interested in old-fashioned quality service.

When you walk through the door of the business you see the wide counter that spans the room. Teenagers, parents and old folks all find room together to enjoy the taste of dairy products right from the source. Ice cream is the favorite of all.

If you are anywhere in the area be sure to treat yourself by stopping at Ideal Dairy.


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