Cove Fort

Cove Creek Ranch Fort

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Step back in time when you visit Cove Fort, the restored refuge of Mormon pioneers.One evening in 1867 as Ira Hinckley and his family enjoyed dinner in their Coalville (Northern Utah) home, a messenger arrived on horseback carrying a message from Brigham Young, the Mormon Prophet. Dear Brother, the note said, We wish to get a good and suitable person to settle on and take charge of the church ranch at Cove Creek . . . As it is some distance from any other settlement, a man of sound practical judgment and experience is needed to fill the place.Two weeks later Ira Hinckley’s dinners were being served at Cove Creek. 


Welcome to the Fort

Cove Fort is an experience, and to make it great, knowledgable guides are here to give you all the great details of the rich history of this historic attraction.

The Fort

As seen from across the street, the Fort is really pretty. Built of lava rock, the square building was constructed to protect against indian attacks.

The Wash Room

It is like stepping back a hundred years, as you enter the rooms of the fort. Each is dressed with its own decor, representing how it might of been back in 1867.

The Interior Court

All rooms face in and there are no windows to the outside, thats why it is a fort. Walking around the interior of the fort is a real treat though as all of the rooms have been beautifully restored.

Blacksmith shop and Ox lifter

Behind the fort is the blacksmith shop. Completed supply including the forge. And as an added treat, they even have created an old piece of equipment that was used to lift oxen off their feet so they could be worked on.

The Restored Barn

Very little was left to prove that Cove Fort had a barn. But, old photos showed what it looked like and the architects were able to recreate this wonderful part of the fort.

Wall Detail

I enjoy spending time examing the construction of the fort. You can feel the individual nature of each piece of stone.


Because of the Black Hawk War, Hinckley built a fort to protect his family and others from the Indians.Workers hauled volcanic stone from west of the property and burned lime on site to create mortar. The finished fort was 100 feet square, 18.5 feet tall, four feet thick at the footings and two and a half feet thick at the top. Thick gates completed the fortress.The feared attack never came, but Cove Fort became a refuge anyway – for anyone journeying between St. George and Salt Lake.The old way station has been restored to its original 1870 condition. Guides dressed in authentic attire lead visitors through guest rooms filled with furnishings from the period, a telegraph station and pioneer post office. Stop by and experience the pioneer period for yourself. 


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