Northern Highway 89

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Northern Highway 89 is fun because it usually is on the way – either coming or going, and there are three delightful stops, close together, that make the trip worth doing.

Cove Fort

The Restored Cove Fort is a great place to stop and take a rest plus you get to feel like a pioneer as you view the restored rooms and buildings. The Mormon Church has spent a fortune making the site historically accurate and you will love it. The stop is right on along the freeways at the intersections of I-70 and I-15. The visits will take between 15 minutes and an hour.


Fremont Indian State Park

Fremont Indian State Park is a monument to what we learn from what we destroy. This is the site of the largest Fremont Village ever discovered, and was destroyed by the Freeway Construction. Today you can view the rock art panels and enjoy the displays at the Visitor Center, all telling of the people who once lived here. A visit can take from an hour to two hours for the main hikes or a whole weekend if we just want to sit back and enjoy. It is located right along I-70, some 15 minutes east of Cove Fort.


Marysvale Working Loom Factory and Museum

Ron and Glenda Bushman have a treat in store for you at their Rag Rug Factory. Their free demonstration shows you and your family how Rag Rugs are and have been manufactured, for three generations.


Butch Cassidy’s Boyhood Home

This is a quick stop along the side of Highway 89 just south of Circleville, between Panguitch and Richfield. This is where the outlaw “Butch” Cassidy began his life of crime.
Optional Area Activities

Paiute ATV Trail

200 miles of the prettiest country and finest riding await those interested in the off road pace. The trail is quite an accomplishment for those who have worked on it for nearly a decade.


Ideal Dairy of Richfield

In Cows they Trust – This family owned dairy is a fun stop when you are in Richfield. An old fashioned ice cream or a shake or just sitting listening to the locals talks makes a trip to Ideal Dairy worth while.
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