Anasazi Village


Anasazi Indian Village State Park

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The name Anasazi is a Navajo word meaning Ancient Ones and is used to describe the Basketmaker- Pueblo culture that existed in the Four Corners area from AD 1 to 1300. The people who lived here disappeared, apparently suddenly, around AD 1200. All that remains are their writings and dwellings.


The Ruins

The ruins are protected by a canopy and along the path there are interpretive signs explaining the civilization that once lived here.


A restored dwelling

You can walk into this restored dwelling and get an idea of how this people once lived. It’s like staying in a cheap motel.


The Pit House

One of my favorite structures is the pit house, with its simple design of a dugout covered by poles and a center opening to go into and let the smoke out. I also thought the picture came out rather well, thank you.


Anasazi Indian VillageWelcome to the former home of the Anasazi, the Ancient Ones.Anasazi Indian Village State Park is the site of the 1958-1959 archaeological excavation conducted by the University of Utah. Eighty-seven rooms were uncovered.Today, a museum houses artifacts uncovered at the site. The ruins are viewed from a paved path that wanders a short distance behind the museum.

Anasazi State Park is located on the north end of Boulder, Utah. The self- guided tour should take a half- hour to an hour.


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