Sego Canyon Rock Art


Sego Canyon Rock Art Site

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This is my favorite rock art site in all of Utah. It is big, interesting, archaeologically significant, well interpreted and easy to get to. Just a 3 mile drive on paved roads. Go through the town of Thompson, over the tracks and head north up the canyon. It is paved right to the spot.moableav


The Barrier Panel with Visitor

I start with this image just to give you an idea how large these panels are. You can also see the interepretive sign, which is by each of the three significant panel areas.


Barrier Canyon Style

I really enjoy this panel. Especially the little guy who looks like a spaceman with antennas. The Barrier Canyon Style is dates from 500 B.C. to 500 A.D. and is has large human forms with bug eyes, antennae, and weird looking objects in the hands.


Fremont Style

Similar to work in Nine Mile Canyon and at the Fremont Indian State Park, this panel shows life sized human figures, mountain sheep and various designs.


Historic Ute

This panel is from the 19th century. White man, horses, shields with red and white paint as the main medium.



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