The Mormon Pioneers


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Southern Utah was first colonized by white men by the Mormon Pioneers sent here by Brigham Young. These people did not see the same beauty that we see. That saw hardship and hunger and lots of work to scrape out a living. Some were explorers and discovered and developed the publics interest in the southern Utah landscapes. Here are some places you can learn the story of the Mormon Pioneers.

Cove Fort

Located on I-15 where I-70 intersects is Cove Fort – the restored Mormon waystation. Here is one of the finest examples of life in Utah in the 1860’s. Guides in period costumes lead you through the restored fort.

Jacob Hamblin Home

Visit the restored home of an early pioneer. You will see how the common person lived in southern Utah in the late 1800’s. Tours are given of the home at no charge.

Brigham Young’s Home

Brigham Young, the great Mormon colonizer, spent his winters in the St. George area. Here he ran the Mormon church and directed its business. The home has been restored and you can see examples of the finest things available to the pioneer.

Pipe Spring

Here is another example of a Mormon Fort. Pipe Spring was a glad destination for the pioneers. Here they could get water and food and protection. The fort was the base for the huge herds of cattle owned by the Mormon Church in the early days of the area.

Pioneer Trails State Park – Salt Lake City

The best place in the state to learn the pioneer story is at the Pioneer Trails State Park in Salt Lake City. Here is an entire web site I created to show you this restored pioneer village.

Temple Square – Salt Lake City

If you are headed through Salt Lake, be sure to stop at Temple Square. This is a fun place filled with exhibits and informaton about the Mormon Church and its history.

Box Elder – Brigham City

Northern Utah has some fun sites related to the Mormons. The town of Brigham City has some restore buildings from the Mormon Cooperative project, a project where everyone worked for the common cause. Also, this is home to the Golden Spike National Historic Site.


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