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It’s the drive, the sheer beauty of the drive and the road and the country outside the window. I love to travel and I have listed here the best roads in southern Utah. These are roads you just can not miss. Now these roads are chosen, not because you can see a national park or site from them, but because the road itself and the surrounding scenery is what makes it special.

Highway 12 – Scenic Byway

You can not say you have been to southern Utah unless you have traveled this road. Linking Bryce and Capitol Reef with an hour and a half of sheer beauty. Rated one of the top ten scenic highways in America.

Burr Trail

Off of Hwy. 12 in Boulder, take the first fifteen minutes of the paved Burr Trail. It is like a journey into the backcountry slickrock wilderness of southern Utah, because it is.

Bicentennial Byway

Leaving Hanksville and heading toward Blanding you experience wonderful red rock canyons, Lake Powell and some quiet country as you pass into the land of the Anasazi and the Navajo.

Monument Valley Byway

This image and the one at the top of the page show the road going to Monument Valley. Wide open spaces, blue skies and a horizon that makes the biggest loop around you imaginable.

Moki Dugway and the Power Drive

On your way to Monument Valley and just before Mexican Hat take the turnoff to the Goosenecks and Moki Dugway. The ride of southern Utah, you travel up a graded dirt road along the sheer cliffs of the butte to the top and back again.

Colorado River Byway

Follow the river. Just take the road and follow the river. The great creator of these mighty canyons, you get to enjoy it close up and personal.

Potash Scenic Byway

A shorter drive but just the other side of the bridge, this drive follows the Colorado River so more. It feature some rock art and some great cliffs along one side with the river on the other.


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