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It’s a story that doesn’t fit any one geographic area – it is about life, people and the things that make southern Utah what it is and I brought it here as a special feature.

Rock Art Explored

Utah’s biggest mystery has to the be the rock art scattered throughout the state. Everybody tries their hand at interpreting these wonderful panels of art left by inhabitants who occupied this land nearly a thousand years ago.


The Mormon Pioneer Sites

Brigham Young and the Mormon Pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in July of 1847. Before long they were colonizing the whole area. Before slick rock was beautiful and travel was easy, these pioneers figured out ways to make a living and survive. The Pioneer story is the story of southern Utah’s people.

The American Rodeo

The rodeo belongs to the American West. Here the cowboy and cowgirl show off their skills, the skills they use every day on the range to accomplish their ranch chores.


The Anasazi – “The Ancient Ones”

The Anasazi lived in southern Utah from the time of Christ until about 1200 AD. Archaeologists have learned much about this civilization from the things the people left behind. Visiting the ruins is a fun part of a southern Utah vacation.

Scenic Byways

Amidst the slick rock, parks and businesses lie some of southern Utah’s greatest assets – the roads. Not just ordinary roads but roads that themselves represent an excursion into the heart of the country. Join me as I outline the prettiest roads in all of America – located right here in southern Utah.

Montezuma’s Treasure

Montezuma’s Treasure is buried in southern Utah – or some think. Freddy Crystal came to town armed with an old treasure map and following the path of ancient symbols carved in the walls. Did he find the location of the hidden treasure, or just another wild goosechase?

Kokopelli – Anasazi Casanova

The most famous rock art feature in southern Utah is the Kokopelli figure. Come listen to the flute and hear the music and enjoy the story of this humpbacked flute playing character.

Hogan – The Navajo dwelling

Visit the traditional home of the Navajo – the Hogan. What first looks like a mud pile soon becomes a beautiful warm dwelling with natural lite and protection from the elements.


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