Horseshoe Canyon – Canyonlands


Horseshoe Canyon – Canyonlands

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Horseshoe Canyon is the perfect destination for anyone who loves to be out in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It’s home to the Great Gallery, the most interesting rock art anywhere in Utah.


Panorama of Panel

This will take a little time to download, but when you see all of the images in their natural positions, it gives you goosebumps.


The Holy Ghost and Companions

This is the most famous of the images on this panel. Named “The Holy Ghost and Companions”, the images are taller than a person.


Migrating Triangle

There appears to be a herd of animals forming a triangle and also notice the reverse striped figure above and to the left of the large figure in the right of the image.


Spear or Trumpet Man

The medium sized figure looks to be playing a trumpet or holding a spear. Notice the snake like stripe next to the large figure.


Shadow Man

Here a figure is not painted but appears to be a white shadow.



These are some of the most intricately painted figures. Notice the animals incorporated into the breastplate on the large figure in the left side of the panel. I also like the penguin figure with the stripes. What could these figures really be?


The Smiling Ghost

The figure on the left has a grin. Notice the people inside him and the animals on his shoulders.


Horseshoe Canyon – CanyonlandsGetting there is no simple task. It’s a back- country drive and hike that should only be attempted in fair weather. Go prepared to handle emergencies and to survive if you get lost. After a 30- mile drive over dirt and sand roads you hike into Horseshoe Canyon. There aren’t any signs to keep you from getting lost, so pay attention to landmarks.From the trailhead the hike drops into the wash and follows the wash south. The art panels are two miles down the wash. Plan on an hour drive each way and a full three hours to hike to the site and back. Before deciding to do this back country hike call Canyonlands National Park in Moab to get the latest regulations about hiking into the canyon. For additional information call (801) 259- 7164.


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