Goblin Valley


Goblin Valley State Park

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This park is my kids favorite. Filled with goblins, hiding places and places to run. Pick a night with a full moon and play nightgames amoungst the mud formations of Goblin Valley.


Goblin Formations

The fun of the park is when you walk down into the valley of the goblins and there, in the middle of them you find yourself wandering and hiding and becoming a part of the valley. I wonder how many of these mud formations are really just lost tourists like you and I who decided to become permanent residents of the valley.


Valley View

With the large butte in the background, you can get the feeling of how much fun it is to explore this unique valley. Footsteps from previous travelers last only until the next storm.


Lunch area and Valley Floor

There is a great pavillion and lunch area that is located right above the valley. You can set up a lunch and let the kids come and go as they want to while you take a load off.


Park Ranger

The ranger is enjoying the park as he kneels in front of the main valley at Goblin Valley State Park.


No doubt about it, Goblin Valley is every kid’s favorite spot; my kids think it is Southern Utah’s finest treasure.The huge valley filled with squatty, goblin- shaped formations is the perfect hide- and- seek playground. Goblin Valley offers campgrounds and showers. The entire electrical supply is provided through a sophisticated solar energy system.The park is located 17 miles north of Hanksville. Plan on at least two hours, but you should really stay overnight if you can. Goblins by moonlight are an amazing sight.


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