Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is my favorite National Park. It is easy to see the whole thing and it has some really nice trails that let you get into and feel apart of the canyon. [Bryce Canyon Map]

The Dancing Tree

I have photographed this tree for years. The exposed roots tell the story of the eroding canyon, always in the process of being created. The tree sits overlooking the main amphitheater at Bryce.

Thor's Hammer

Thor’s Hammer is viewed right along the trail that goes down into the main amphitheater. The large rock formations look like they are people, frozen in time.

Main Amphitheater at Bryce

Overlooking the main amphitheater is Thor’s Hammer and the rest of the wonderful formations. Bryce is a fun place because you feel like you are part of the canyon.


On the flats just before getting to Bryce, I often see herds of Antelope. These animals are quick and shy, so I always find it a treat when I see them.

Bryce - Zion Trail Rides

I have two favorite commercial activities in southern Utah, the trail ride into Bryce Canyon is one of them. This trip is wonderful. You make ride arrangements in the main lodge at Bryce Canyon.

Getting Ready to Ride

This young man is getting acquainted with his horse, just before heading off on the ride into Bryce Canyon.

Ruby's Inn at Bryce Canyon

Located at the park entrance, Ruby’s Inn is one of the great resorts of southern Utah. Everybody going to Bryce ends up there for dinner, or gifts or just to walk around and enjoy the property.

Bryce Canyon Scenic Tours

Bret and his crew do a great job of taking people on tours of Bryce. They also have rentals of ATV’s and other fun staff. Check with them in the lobby at Ruby’s Inn.

Bryce Valley Inn

Located in Tropic, just minutes away from Bryce, and with a clear view of the beautiful coral colored formations, Bryce Valley Inn hosts wonderful accomodations and a nice restaurant.
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