Potash Scenic Byway


Potash Scenic Byway

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The Potash Scenic Byway, Hwy. 279, is located just north of Moab, about a half mile after you cross the bridge over the Colorado, heading off to the southwest. I like to take the drive in the mornings, when the sun shines on the rock art located a few miles down the byway on the west side of the road.


The Potash Byway and the Colorado River

This is a short but fun drive. The road follows the river and the cliffs line the other side of the road.


Potash Rock Art 1

The Rock art panels are located right along the road just a few miles or so down the byway. They are well marked and easy to find.


Rock Art Panel

The figures are located at close to eye level, and notice the animal that is outlined and the fancy headdress of the human figures.


The Gathering

What brings these images together? Were they done for an occasion or at seperate times? I like to call this the gathering.


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