Arches National Park


Arches National Park

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Arches National Park is home to the most dense collection of arches in the world. A visit to Arches is almost like visiting another planet, but you don’t have to be in orbit first.


Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is by far the most famous landmark in Utah. It appears on the front of road maps and even on license plates. This arch is a wonder to see, and a fun one hour hike. I call it one of the two rituals of a visit to southern Utah, hiking to Delicate Arch and watching a sunset hit the arch.


Double Arch

My favorite Arch is Double Arch located in the windows section of Arches. It is is unique and beautiful to visit and photograph.


Turret Arch through North Window

Here is a classic photograph shot throught the north window of the Windows section of Arches.


Lite through the Arch

Sometimes you come upon a secret spot that makes a great image. This image was made in the windows section of Arches over by Double Arch.


Balancing Rock – Windows section of Arches

The Balancing rock is seen right along the main park road. This particular evening it had been overcast and rainy all evening and then just as the sun was setting there was a clearing in the clouds on the horizon and the sun cut through for just a moment and gave this unusual color to the clouds and sky.


Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch is located in the Devils Garden section of Arches. This is a long and very narrow arch. Within the last few years a major chunk fell off the the bottom of the arch causing the area to be closed down for a while. It is quite incredible that the arch is still in place.


Wolfe Ranch

The Wolfe Ranch is located at the base of the Delicate Arch hike. I enjoy the book about the people who lived at the Wolfe Ranch during pioneer times. You can buy the book at the visitor center. It tells of a people who made a living in the area and really did not pay much attention to the arches.


Rock Art at Delicate Arch

The rock art is located in a hard to find place just north of the point where the Delicate Arch trail takes off up the slickrock part of the hike.



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