Arches – Canyonlands and Moab


Arches, Canyonlands and Moab

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This area is home of the some of the finest overlooks and formations in the world. Based out of Moab, explore Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and a number of wonderful drives and other sites.

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Arches National Park

Rock arches seem to be sculptured, but they were made throught natural processes.

Dead Horse Point – Canyonlands, Islands in the Sky

Just minutes out of Moab, you travel to the top of the plateau known as the Island in the sky. You will loose your breath as you view the world from a ravens view.

Moab – the town

The basecamp for exploration of the area, Moab enjoys a personality unique to southern Utah.

Colorado River Scenic Byway

Follow the river and enjoy the quiet. This scenic byway follows the edge of the river and winds through sheer red cliffs and landscapes of desert.

Potash Scenic Byway

This is a short byway that follows the Colorado the southern direction. The river is wide and quiet and the road seems to extend into the water. There is also a very nice rock art site a short ways down the byway.

Moab Slick Rock Mtn. Bike Trail

This trail and the trails around Moab bring thousands of visitors to this mountain biking mecca.


Coming and Going from Moab sites

Sego Canyon Rock Art Site

This site is located about a half hour north of Moab on I-70 by the small town of Thompson, but it is a great place and most going to Moab, pass right by the site.

Needles Overlook

Located just south of the Moab area is an area of overlooks accessible by short drives. I include them here because most people will be headed that direction.


Area Businesses

Red Tail Aviation

Red Tail offers a scenic flight over Canyonlands. It is one of my two highly recommended commercial activities in southern Utah.

Norm Shewsbury’s Westlite Photography

I always stop at Norm’s Photo shop, to see his latest images and to visit about the best places to go take a picture. He and his staff do a great job.


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